Why E-Learning is gaining popularity than the traditional modes of learning?

Today, we are living in a revolutionary era where we have everything available at our doorsteps. Although, it is a matter of pride, somethings are good traditional way. Like, you cannot really have the joys of eating in a restaurant with a family as compared to ordering food online. But, everything that the new revolution has bought us, have its own share of pros and cons. While we understand there are some privileged disadvantages to newer technologies, we have far better benefits that makes our life greater in many ways.

Talking about learning management system (lms) software, they are tremendously in demand and have entirely changed the manner in which education learning is done. E-Learning is the mode of online learning, that helps any student to study with the help of online course materials. It is one of the most convenient and dynamic modes of learning through which, one can study from absolutely any corners of the world. Since, last many years, this mode of learning has taken pace and more and more students are reaping the benefits of the courses available online.

Qafie LMS (learning management system) software is one of the most popular course management systems offering greater tools for learning and moreover, the customizable options make it for other benefits too. Many business schools and universities are at the forefront running the system in their premises and are doing simply great. The contents of the system can be assessed by the students through different means such as PDF, in the form of documents, PPT presentations, videos and many other forms. The people who have used these learning systems, have over a period of time seen, improvement in their performance and growth prospects. The Qafie learning system is recognized world over and follows international standards such as AICC and SCORM.

The learning tech is growing and there are still untapped horizons that has great scope for enhancement and improvement in the field. The learning management system (lms) software are used in excess today as compared to past, it keeps growing and improving every single day to bring about a greater change in the way people learn things.

The traditional systems of learning are also progressive but they had their own set of limitations, the following are some of the limitations that held pupil from learning –

  • Limited reach
  • Accustomed to only one single language
  • Available only on single platform
  • Single module system
  • Monopoly teaching
  • Limited use

As compared to above set of limitations, the new learning management system (lms) software systems not only provide the benefits but are rather much powerful and provide better options for learning.

Top benefits of using E-learning management systems –

There are hundreds of benefits that the latest E-learning systems provide to the learners of Gen Y, better still, more is yet to come because improvisation is happening in every arena. Given below are some of the benefits that E-learning systems provide.

  1. Less Investment – The traditional modes of learning provided many benefits, but it needed many things like the infrastructure, expert staff, professionals to look after the system, etc. with the E-learning, everything is available on the cloud platform, the students can access the systems from any part of the world and learn at their own pace.
  2. Better training costs – Students who are learning look forward to log in, in their systems to study the materials provided. The system access, brings about distribution in the cost of production and the company has to employ lesser staff for supervising the systems and providing online help.
  3. Less costing for buying materials – In the traditional modes of learning, you may have to buy many books, benches, classrooms, etc. With online LMS, the system requirements are extremely minimal and it provides for smoother implementation of the processes.
  4. Enhanced production line – Online training have no set boundaries; hence it can reach out to people from any corner of the globe. When the people are not working around online in the office, the staff can be trained with other training materials and bring improvement in the processes.
  5. Brings calibration in the process – E-learning brings an entire gamut of possibilities and things that were earlier not available or even thought of. The latest learning management system (lms) software provides uniformity in the way students learn, this helps to maintain the consistency while delivering the final content to pupils.

There is greater demand of LMS because it can be highly customized according to the needs of universities, schools, colleges, corporate training, office use or personal use. In some of the systems, the processes go a step further by making it available in different languages thereby pushing off the language barriers that people were facing all these years.

Learning management system is the need of the hour! How?

We already know how fast paced our lives are! With growing importance to online learning and less time spent on traditional books, it is obvious for anyone to grow along with the latest technology. It not only saves time but fastest mode of learning and providing real-time access to the recipients of the system. There are live learning events, seminars, workshops, online classrooms, libraries for quick access and what not.

E-learning eliminates any limitations to L E A R N I N G and provides unlimited access for people to view and study at their own time and pace. The research has stated improved scores of the students’ world over and in corporate offices have shown improved retention rate and less failure and stress.

The new era has set in, where your smartphones are the mini computers, has provided a better scope through the means of M-Learning. The system software is so designed and developed, that students or recipients can access the contents while on the go. People no longer are just limited to seat in one corner and get hooked, with Mobile applications and the system sync available, one particular user details are transformed in every device that is connected. It is magical simply to move around and also be with your tutor online while traveling, or for the holiday or at the park. One can be themselves and without the fear of anxiety can learn privately and yet, be connected to bigger crowd online.

Qafie learning management system (lms) software provides unlimited dynamic learning that can greatly improve the scores and give best results. There are numerous tools that the tutors may use for assessing the progress of the students. There are online assignments, puzzles, quizzes to keep the students engaged in the learning. After every module is completed, the system allows to put new modules and design them as per the need.


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